Don Bosco Muhazi TVET Students Take Action for Environment Protection


Over the weekend, more than one hundred students at Don Bosco Muhazi TVET gathered to participate in activities organized by the Green club, which operates under Gender Matters For Green TVET and ACTEC projects. The students worked on improving their wellbeing and learning how to take care of the environment.

In Rwanda, the rainy season has caused damage to infrastructure, especially roads. Don Bosco Muhazi TVET, located in a rural area with mostly unconstructed roads, faced challenges due to the potholes created by the rain. The Green club members took it upon themselves to fill the holes in the road around the school, making it easier for vehicles and motorbikes to bring goods to the school. The community and tourists visiting Lake Muhazi also benefit from this road.

Additionally, the Green club members renovated an abandoned general dustbin on the school premises, dividing it into sections for recyclable and non-recyclable waste. They also collected waste around the school, watered trees, and created pathways to facilitate movement within the school.

Apart from these activities, the Green club engages in various other initiatives to promote environmental protection, including watching documentaries, learning geography, visiting tourist areas, planting trees, participating in environmental debates, and taking part in environmental competitions. Their efforts showcase their commitment to creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

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