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Salesian missionaries in AGL Province (Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi) offer programs to combat poverty through education, skills training and workforce development services, as well as meeting basic needs with shelter and feeding programs.

Many initial educational programs focused on teaching how to read and write.However, as more people became interested in learning vocational and trade skills and preparing for the workforce, programs expanded to cover other subjects and incorporate skills training that lead to long-term employment.


Families supported during COVID 19 period


Street Children nourished during COVID 19 Period


Educational Institutions we have so far

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We work in rwanda, burundi and uganda

In general, our work focuses on education of the young
people.  We focus on young people from poor or vulnerable families. Apart from that, we also conduct charity activities while at the same time using available means to help the needy families. 

To do this, we rely on the partnership with Non-Governmental Organization and Government Organisation whose works seek to improve the lives of the young people and community as a whole.


Help Salesians to modernize education Facilities to offer qualiity Education to the Young people

"Without confidence and love, there can be no true education."-Don Bosco

We don't ignore those who need help

Better life for all

Street Children Problem

Salesians of Don Bosco seek funding to take care of street children around our centres. They always come to us seeking the food. Feeding them is not enough. We want to build a hospitality centre for these children so that they are cared and supported.

Single Mothers Project

The reception and training project for single mothers was introduced in 2013 with the objective of helping single mothers to come out of their isolation and to try, through human and professional training, to reintegrate them into society. You can partner with us in this project so that these single mothers are able to live a decent life

Scholarship for vulnerable young people

Marie Grace’s story is the same as the stories of so many young people in our centres. We receive a big number of poor young people who want to enroll in our technical schools. However, since we have to take care of them 100%, some time we are unable due limited means. You can pay a scholarship to the vulnerable young people and make their dreams a reality. Contact us via: contact@agalpgo.org

We Help Thousands Of young people

Through our TVET Centres and schools

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