About us

From June 2017, the Salesians of Don Bosco in the African Great Lakes Province have established a new presence in Palabek Refugee Camp which locates in Lamwo District, in Uganda.

Since then, Salesians began to serve the refugees in an ninformal way, mostly offering psychosocial and spiritual support. 

Today, Salesian work has extended to more services including Educational Support to young refugees and adults who had not had chance to go to school due to insecurity in their country of origin, Livelihood Support as well as vocational training to young refugees who are living in the camp.

Palabek is a home to over 50,000 refugees mostly from South Sudan and other neighboring countries.

Activities and intervention

Salesians of Don Bosco in the Palabek refugee camp give their support in Education, training and leadership, health and sanitation, socio and pastoral care.

In Education we gives priority to the childhood education as the best way to prepare the children to all that they can become in future. We train young people to learn skill so that they can become part of the job creators at a small scale initiatives. 
In training and leadership, Salesians brings together the young generation to foster towards the same goal of making their lives better. Young people will learn to manage and lead at various need in the camp what will be useful for themselves.
The hygiene is a key element for better health program within the camp. Salesians of Dom Bosco are providing clean water for people in the camp and build better facilities such as toilets as they teach to the youngster the value and need of cleanness in a populated area.
In interacting with people, there is a feeling that the Catholic population are longing for pastoral and spiritual nourishment. Most have missed Sacraments for over a year. Given that people have not attended mass for years, the few services provided are of great use. We believe that delayed pastoral services are spiritually and morally harmful to Christians, especially the youth. We may also lose many of our Catholic Faithful to Pentecostal and Born-Again churches. They seem to have started doing something. Young people need to be cared for before it is late.