Rwanda: ProFuturo Team Meets to assess current status of the Programme implementation

On 22nd September, 2022 a team of ProFuturo Coaches and its management held a meeting at the Salesian Provincial House in Kigali to discuss various topics that will continue to lead towards the smooth running of ProFuturo Programme in the beneficiary schools.

Chaired by Mr. Uwarugira Dominique, SDB-ProFuturo Programme Coordinator in Rwanda, the meeting was an opportunity to introduce a new coach, to assess the situation of each school in relation to the use of the ProFuturo solution in the following key elements:

  1. Capacity for use
  2. Available technological equipment and replacement plan
  3. Autonomy in use
  4. Existence of support staff in the school
  5. Motivation and involvement of the management and teaching staff to be able to: Produce a document with the analysis results and define the different types of schools and to Design plans to address each type of school and include them in the 2023-24 planning

Also, the meeting discussed ProFuturo Equipment status and maintenance, the features of ProFuturo Mathematics among others.

ProFuturo implements a Digital Education Programme that, through innovative digital teaching-learning experiences, enhances teachers´ pedagogical and digital skills, and meaningful student learning.

It addresses key factors that contribute to the quality of education such as: teacher´s professional development, educational assistance and technical support, a digital solution, a monitoring and evaluation system and a knowledge exchange community.

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