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Handwerk Hilft backs to the development works at DON BOSCO GATENGA TVET School in Rwanda

After COVID 19 had disrupted some of the partnership projects between Handwerk Hilft and Don Bosco Gatenga TVET School, especially in the skills Exchange program in the Vocational Courses, on Monday Peter Bohm,  from Handwerk Hilft, a Germany based organization, accompanied by two other members of his delegation as well as Don Bosco Gatenga Community Director, Father Murindangabo Frederic, held discussions with Pierre Celestin Ngoboka, Salesian Provincial Superior, to jointly discuss the resumption of the some of the stalled projects.

Handwerk Hilft has been working together with Salesians of Don Bosco in Rwanda since 2013. It is mostly involved in increasing the skills of the young people in Gatenga TVET school while at the same time providing scholarships for vulnerable young people in the same school.

However, the organization does not support only Gatenga but also very often expands support to other Salesian TVET Centres namely Don Bosco Muhazi and Rango TVET school.

During COVID 19, Handwerk Hilft greatly assisted the teachers in the salesian TVETs in Rwanda by providing them with food and other equipment that helped during that critical moment.

On Monday, after meeting with the Salesian Provincial superior in the Africa of Great Lakes Province, at the provincial House, Mr. Peter Bohm told the provincial Media Department that the purpose of Handwerk Hilft visit is to see together how they can resume development projects in favour of young people.

He said “Now we want to restart our relationship. Because for the last two years, the contact was only by email and telephone or zoom meetings. And it’s quite a personnel meeting.”

“So, for this, we are here and we have another social project idea of building a pavilion as a meeting point in the centre of Gatenga. I came with visitors several times and we realised that even though we work together, it’s not as easy to get in contact. And therefore, we would like to construct the pavilion as a place for the students, where they can use it as a place to come together. And as you know there at Gatenga also they are constructing a hospitality centre and the hotel section and this pavilion will also give opportunity to the guests to get in contact with the students.” Peter explained.

“And even the development of this probably should be a social project in a way that they bring together Gatenga students and German students through Handwerk Hilft -Gatenga Intercultural program. This project means that on one hand students from German will be able to interact with their peers in Rwanda and come together to work, to develop and share ideas and second is to build the pavilion.” He added.

Mr. Peter Bohm told the provincial Media Department that the purpose of Handwerk Hilft visit is to see together how they can resume development projects in favour of young people.

“The COVID had a huge impact. First, on our work in Germany, because we didn’t meet as we used to. This was one point and therefore, we didn’t push the project. There were just some projects requested by the Salesians that we sent money and budget. And as you know, it was not the way we usually work together just to support ourselves with money. But in the beginning, yes, we had the opportunity to help you to send a huge amount of money to the Salesians to support the teachers there and suffering people around and therefore I was so glad that Salesians as a partner has managed to help those people who were in need.” Mr. Peter said

“Since 2013, we have worked together with Salesians. In Gatenga, we try to increase the skills in vocational training. And so, I come since that time, twice per year with a group of apprentices to work together in the workshops to give the young apprentice the possibility to form an intercultural contact.

“They work together in the workshops with the German apprentices, which is a wonderful and impressive experience for all of them. And now I’m here at the provincial house where we had a meeting with the provincial to renew our collaboration after this breakdown because of COVID, which was quite a hard time for us all. I know, you in Africa, you suffered a lot, without complaint, like us, in Germany.” Peter added.

This is indeed good news for the wider community of Salesians and young people who are eager to increase their knowledge and foster friendships between the youth of Rwanda and Germany.


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February 28, 2022

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