German Ambassador Applauds Opening of Don Bosco Hospitality Centre in Kigali

The German Ambassador to Rwanda, Ambassador Heike Uta Dettmann, praised the opening of the Don Bosco Hospitality Centre in Kigali during her speech at the grand opening ceremony. The Centre’s main goal is to train professionals in the hospitality industry while also generating income for the Salesian Congregation in Rwanda.

Ambassador Dettmann emphasized the importance of vocational training and the service industry in Rwanda’s development. She highlighted the significance of the Centre in providing hands-on training for young people who may not have had the opportunity to travel or gain practical experience in the hospitality sector.

Ambassador Heike Uta Dettmann,

“I’m very happy that the German government is cooperating in financial support with the education system in Rwanda, and this specific jewel of teenage education aligns with the needs of the country and its young population,” Ambassador Dettmann stated.

She expressed her belief that investing in youth education is essential for the future of Rwanda, as young people are the driving force behind the country’s development. Ambassador Dettmann wished the Centre success and hoped that all students would find meaningful employment opportunities upon completing their training.


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