Don Bosco Muhazi: Empowering Entrepreneurs and Professional Employees

Don Bosco Muhazi is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and cultivating polite, well-prepared employees. From April 25th to 27th, 90 students undergoing vocational training at the school participated in a workshop designed to prepare them for internships in various companies. The training focused on instilling knowledge in entrepreneurship, job application skills, and professional behavior.

Nshimiyimana Thomas, a student studying Masonry, emphasized the importance of the training in teaching students how to value and manage money effectively. He highlighted the benefits of starting small businesses with limited capital rather than wasting earnings.

UWA JENEZA Francoise, a student studying tailoring, expressed gratitude for learning essential job-seeking skills, such as writing a job application letter and proper interview etiquette. She acknowledged that this knowledge would save her money that she would have otherwise spent on professional services.

Job service officer Jean D’amour Niyigena urged students to demonstrate politeness and professionalism during their internships, as it could lead to potential job opportunities. He emphasized the importance of working collaboratively with colleagues and staying focused on tasks.

Jules SUGIRA, another staff member, encouraged students to prioritize prayer and rely on their faith for strength. He also advised them to create a social media group to network with peers and share job opportunities post-graduation. Additionally, he suggested utilizing smartphones for job searches instead of wasting time on irrelevant content.

This annual training program, supported by the ACTEC project and GENDER MATTERS FOR GREEN TVET initiative funded by Austria Development Cooperation and Jugend Eine Welt, aims to empower youth, particularly those facing vulnerabilities, as they complete their vocational education at Don Bosco Muhazi.

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