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Experts charting the way to establish Short Course in Waste Water Treatment Technology in DON BOSCO GATENGA TVET SCHOOL

From December 19, 2022, an experts Team made of representatives from the Rwanda TVET Board, University Professors and professionals at different levels gathered in a weeklong workshop at DON BOSCO GATENGA TVET School for a market survey whose results will likely lead to the launch of the Short Course of the technical training program in Waste Water Treatment Technology.

According to CYIZA Vedaste, Water and Irrigation Trades Specialist in the Rwanda TVET Board ”through that market survey will come up with a curriculum that can be used to resolve the job market needs as will be shown from this market survey that we are conducting.”

Once the work of these experts meet the expected results, the launch of the Short Course in WasteWater Treatment Technology would be new department at Don Bosco Gatenga TVET School as the students were only able to enroll in Plumbing Department where Waste Water Treatment has been given little time because it was not a special department as It would be.

In an interview with Father Turabanye Jean Pierre, Director of Don Bosco Gatenga TVET School said “as you have seen, we are gathered in a team of eight people, that is to say, there is a delegation which came from RTB (Rwanda TVET Board) and other university professors, and I who represents the Salesians, to chart the way for the launch of the Short Course program in WasteWater Treatment Technology.”

He explained that “the first work, in fact we are in a workshop meeting, where we are in the process of seeing if this program will really meet job market needs.”

Father Jean Pierre revealed that in the beginning, Salesians thought of launching this program where an idea was addressed to Rwanda TVET Board for appreciation and guidance.

Father Jean Pierre said “They felt the need to form the wastewater treatment technicians because Rwanda is in the process of developing and there is still a major challenge which concerns how to make good use of water, how also to treat wastewater and how it can contribute to the protection of the environment.”

Father TURABANYE extends his explanation noting that “We are not yet talking about the start of the training program, as we are still first of all concentrating on the market survey and training curriculum in wastewater treatment and then we are going to study the strategies and the possibilities to be able to then launch or invite the students to register.”

“I think it will be a new program which really shows innovation and I believe that there will be many candidates who will enroll in this program once launched.” Father Jean Pierre added.

Don Bosco Gatenga TVET School is an accredited TVET school that offers Technical courses in Electricity, Masonry, Plumbing, Carpentry, Culinary Arts and ICT. 

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