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ACTEC Project: A Day of Generosity and Celebration at Don Bosco Muhazi.

On 18th December, 2023  at Don Bosco Muhazi TVET school, an extraordinary event took place. The school was buzzing with excitement as they receive much-needed materials for various activities funded by the ACTEC project.

The Director of Don Bosco Muhazi, Father Bavumiragiye Raymond, expressed his gratitude towards the ACTEC donors who had made this project possible and emphasized the importance of this day for the school.

One of the clubs benefiting from the Actec project is the environment club, which focuses on nature protection. They affectionately referred to their efforts as “the protection of the common home.” The materials provided will enable them to continue their important work in safeguarding the environment.

With these resources, the students could explore their creativity and expand their artistic skills.

Additionally, the sports club received much-needed equipment, which will allow them to enhance their training and participate in competitions confidently.

The donation also aimed to support entrepreneurship among the students. The provision of equipment for the trained youths in the recently concluded welding training will enable them to participate in the practical training which will be provided in collaboration with the renowned Rwandan Metal Factory called Manumetal. The trainees who had completed the welding, thanks to ACTEC extra-curriculum  Courses, will be able to gain valuable hands-on experience and further enhance their skills.

As everyone gathered for the event, there was a sense of gratitude and joy in the air. The Director, Father Bavumiragiye Raymond, took a moment to express his heartfelt appreciation for the Actec donors and their continuous support.

He extended warm Christmas and New Year wishes to all involved, including the students, staff, Salesians, and Actec donors around the world.

With hearts full of gratitude and excitement for what lay ahead, Don Bosco Muhazi embraced this special day. The Actec project had not only provided much-needed resources but had also instilled hope and a sense of purpose in the students.


Découvrez cette vidéo émouvante capturant l’incroyable moment où l’école professionnelle Don Bosco Muhazi TVET recevait des matériaux essentiels pour leurs activités financées par le projet Actec. À la fin de la vidéo, soyez témoin de l’excitation et de la joie qui remplissaient l’air lorsque les étudiants ont reçu des ressources tant nécessaires. Partagez cette histoire inspirante d’éducation et d’autonomisation !:


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