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Training on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse in TVET Centers

In a groundbreaking move towards ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all students, the Gender Matters for Green TVET Project has initiated a comprehensive training program on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Exploitation, and Abuse (PSHEA) in the five Salesian TVET centers. The project aims to create an enabling environment that allows both girls and boys to thrive without fear of harassment or abuse.

Facilitated by Taaka Janepher, the exercise brought together participants from the Kamuli, Bombo, Palabek, Gatenga, and Muhazi TVET centers to undergo intensive training on rolling out the PSHEA policy at their respective centers. The project’s main objective is to prevent the occurrence of such incidents and create a safe space for everyone involved, including students and staff.

Taaka Janepher, a trainer involved in the program, commends the Salesians for their bold step in approving the policy on prevention of sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse.

She said “As a religious community serving young people, the Salesians recognized the need to address vulnerabilities within their community and took action to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals.”

Janepher also highlights the increasing awareness of sexual abuse in contemporary society, stating, “The risk of sexual abuse is continuously increasing. It might have been there in the past, but now people are getting more aware. And the more they get aware, the more they get comfortable to speak about it.”

She emphasizes that gender equality is a fundamental right for everyone, and it is crucial to put in place mechanisms to protect the rights of all individuals.

Commenting on the training, Innocent Mutala, the programs manager for Gender Matters for Green said “We are trying to prevent occurrences and create a safe environment for everyone, both girls and boys, and even our staff, so that they feel safe to come and acquire a skill at any of our TVET centers.”

Gender Matters for Green TVET is a four years programme being implemented in five Salesian TVET Centres namely: Don Bosco VTC Palabek, Don Bosco VTC Bombo and St. Joseph VTC Kamuli in Uganda and Don Bosco TSS Gatenga and Don Bosco TSS Muhazi in Rwanda with funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation and Jugend Eine Welt.

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