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The Power of TVET Education: Unleashing Potential and Transforming Lives in Rwanda

In today’s rapidly changing world, education is widely recognized as the key to success and personal growth. While traditional academic pathways have long been revered, there is a growing recognition of the immense value and potential that Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) offers. Ms. Igiraneza’s journey at Don Bosco Rango TVET school in Rwanda’s Southern Province is a proof to the transformative power of TVET education.

As a graduate of the Tailoring Trade program, Ms. Igiraneza has not only acquired valuable skills in sewing various types of clothes, including Made in Rwanda styles, but she has also discovered the art of repurposing scrap materials to create valuable items.

Her experience highlights the significant difference between those who have studied a specific profession and those who have followed a more conventional academic path.

“A person who has acquired expertise in a particular profession utilizes their hands to transition from mere words to actual deeds,” Ms. Igiraneza wisely stated.

While formal education often yields theoretical outcomes, TVET education empowers individuals to apply their knowledge in practical ways. This hands-on approach not only fosters creativity and innovation but also enhances problem-solving skills, which are invaluable assets in today’s job market.

Ms. Igiraneza practices her career in Huye District, Southern Province of Rwanda

Contrary to popular misconceptions, TVET education is not solely for the economically disadvantaged.

Ms. Igiraneza passionately expressed, “Those who believe that vocational education is only for the poor lack understanding of the benefits that arise from vocational and professional courses.”

In fact, individuals with practical skills have proven to be the most valuable and sought-after in the labor market. Their ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice offers them a unique competitive advantage.

Ms. Igiraneza also highlighted the growing trend of individuals who, despite completing their studies in sciences, find themselves unemployed and ultimately decide to pursue TVET professions.

She firmly believes that one should not abandon their passion for a career perceived as worthless.

Instead, she encourages students to explore TVET education as a viable option, where their practical skills can flourish and contribute to their personal growth and the development of the country as a whole.

To the students who are still in school, Ms. Igiraneza offers a powerful message of hope and opportunity.

She reminds them that there is a world of job opportunities available for those who have studied specific professions through TVET education.

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