Muhazi: Students tipped on the politeness as New Academic Year opens

Students at Don Bosco Muhazi TVET School are hopeful that after the start of the Academic year 2021-2022 they will not face similar setbacks as was the case when the COVID 19 erupted.

Mr. Ndayishimiye Etienne, a representative of the students at Don Bosco Muhazi TVET school, says that after COVID 19 is under control there is a hope that the class will continue as normal as possible.

“Now the strategy we have as we come back to School is to continue to follow COVID 19 prevention measures and to work hard in order to succeed.” He said.

He says there is hope that the knowledge acquired at Don Bosco Muhazi TVET School will help them get to the job market with skills that respond to the needs of the job market.

“We are confident that what we are learning here will help us because our teachers are committed to providing quality education and now it is time to renew their efforts to fill the gaps caused by COVID 19. In brief there is no time to waste.”

Mr. Ndayishimiye added that the current plan is to “work for the betterment of our future.”

Umuhuza Bernardin, a first-year student in the construction trade, said he chose to come to Don Bosco Muhazi TVET school because he hadn’t means to continue to secondary school.

“When I completed Primary school, I was unable to continue in secondary school. During the time when I was waiting for the solution to, I came to talk to the students at Don Bosco Muhazi TVET School and explained to me how the centre works and cares for the needy young people and I immediately decided to register in this school where school fees are less compared to other TVET centres” Umuhuza said.

New Students were urged to comply with the school’s regulation

Normally at Don Bosco Muhazi TVET School fees range between Rwf 10,000 per trimester, and Rwf 8,000.

For those who pay Rwf 10,000 Rwf include Rwf 2,000 paid as boat transport that helps them to cross the lake while coming to school and after the class while returning at home.

Father Bavumiragiye Raymond, Provincial Vicar and Director of Don Bosco Muhazi TVET School explains that in general MUHAZI TVET School charges less school fees than other TVET schools in Rwanda.

“What we want is for the students to study well. We provide them with lunch so that they can study without hunger and that makes them succeed in class.” Father Bavumiragiye said.

He made the comment on October 22, 2021, at the official opening of the 2021-2022 Academic Year at the DON BOSCO MUHAZI TVET School.

The ceremony was preceded by a mass offering led by Father Raymond Bavumiragiye where he urged the youth attending the school to be polite and to study well but prepare for a better future.

“You must be characterized by human and Christian values. You have to get along well with others and work hard.” He said.

Father Bavumiragiye explaining the gospel at the mass service

Father Bavumiragiye reminded that none have been well-educated in TVET that can lack a job and urges them to put more effort into learning to prepare for a better future.

He called on the school Educative Team to provide quality education to the young people.

Father Bavumiragiye urged students to avoid wasting food because it is provided by the benefactors and therefore, they should avoid wasting it because there are others who are not able to nourish their children.

He also said he would allow them to have a Holy Mass every Friday at a time that would not interfere with the school activities.

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