Kigali: Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School held its second nursery graduation for Top Class Children

At the eye-catching event, on July 16, 2022 at DON BOSCO NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL-Kimihurura, there was a closing ceremony of the 2022 Academic Year, and a Graduation Ceremony for children graduating from Nursery preparing to enter the Primary Level.

The event was attended by parents, caregivers and administrators of DON BOSCO Nursery and Primary school, and it was marked by exciting games including dances and parades organized by these children of DON BOSCO with the coaching of their teachers.

10 students completed Nursery Level courses, 27 completed P1. To date, DON BOSCO NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL has 103 children. Of the P1 graduates, they will continue to P2 next year.

The administration of Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School expressed gratitude to the parents and urged that those who want to enrol new children are welcome as the school is ready to offer quality education that is guided by Christian values as seen in those who completed the academic year today.

The school offers both French and English Programs. French is mostly used in the Nursery Level. Below video highlights the key moment of the event:


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