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JSO Exchange Meeting Held at Don Bosco Hospitality Centre in Kigali to Address Skills Gap in TVET Centre

Kigali, March 5th, 2024: a five-day JSO Exchange Meeting between Job Service Officers and the Coordination Team is taking place at the Don Bosco Hospitality Centre in Kigali is currently hosting. The participants are collaborating to identify challenges and develop potential solutions. The Job Service Officer (JSO) plays a vital role in the Salesian TVET centres.

The meeting agenda includes discussions on various topics such as identifying the gaps between the skills taught in TVET Centres and those required by industries, exploring strategies to bridge these gaps and enhance industry-oriented training, establishing networks and partnerships, sharing best practices, and creating work plans, among others.

On March 8th, 2024, the JSOs will convene with key stakeholders to exchange best practices that will shape the future relationship between TVETs and the labor market.

Job Service Officers are essential in linking students from Salesian TVET centres with the labor market. They operate under the umbrella of Don Bosco Tech Africa, which oversees all Salesian TVET centres in Africa. The meeting was organized by the Job Service Department of the Planning and Development Office, with support from Don Bosco Tech Africa.

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