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Don Bosco JSO Best Practice Sharing Meeting in Kigali Ended on a High Note and Planting Trees for a Healthy Environment

From Monday, March 4th to March 8th, 2024, the Don Bosco National Job Service Office organized a best Practice sharing Meeting in Kigali. Participants from three Salesian TVET centers and key stakeholders gathered to discuss important issues and share ideas on the current situation in the labor market.

In addition to engaging in productive discussions, attendees also took part in a tree planting initiative aimed at promoting a healthy environment. The event was a great success, highlighting the importance of collaboration and environmental stewardship in creating a better future for all.

Speaking at the Meeting on Friday, Father Jean Pierre Turabanye, Director of Don Bosco Gatenga Technical Secondary School stated that the meeting of the Job Service Officers (JSOs) was held to review and reaffirm their responsibilities in connecting students to the labor market.

He emphasized the importance of implementing these responsibilities effectively to ensure students are well-prepared for employment opportunities.

During the meeting, participants suggested the introduction of new courses that are in high demand in the labor market. Their ideas shared during a best Practice sharing meeting have been documented and will be presented to relevant authorities for further consideration.

Speaking to the Media Department, Cyiza Vedaste, a specialist at the Rwanda TVET Board said that “The Salesian TVET centers in Rwanda are contributing significantly to preparing students for future work.”

He added that “They offer a variety of trades including hospitality and tourism, construction, welding, tailoring among other trades which align with the government’s programs for future technology and work.”

In the meantime, Mr. Cyiza revealed that “Currently, the Rwanda TVET Board is focusing on curriculum development and equipment in TVET schools to ensure that they are aligned with the needs of the labor market.”

“In response to the projection of a more digitalized future for TVET education, we have already started incorporating digitalization technology into our teaching and learning methods. We understand the importance of preparing students for a future where digital skills will be essential in all aspects of work. Therefore, we are proactively positioning ourselves to address this shift towards online learning and practical application of knowledge in the digital age. “He explained.

Also Mr. Therese Niyigena who was representing Sypro Ltd, a Rwandan professional organization where engineers come together to collaborate and deliver work as promised to their employers, commended the organizers of the JSO exchange Meeting.

“I was surprised to see that a secondary school could have such a department (JSO), and the impact it has on students goes beyond my expectations.” Ms. Niyigena said.

“The guidance provided to students even after graduation is truly commendable. I was impressed by the fact that decisions are based on data, ensuring that students are prepared for the labor market.” She added.


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