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GGGI Rwanda Empowers Young Minds at Don Bosco Primary School on Non-Motorized Transport in Kigali

On Friday, the GGGI Rwanda Team visited Don Bosco Primary School to educate the students on the benefits of non-motorized transport. The team conducted a workshop to introduce the concept and encourage the students to adopt this mode of transportation.

Non-motorized transport refers to any mode of transportation that does not require the use of a motorized vehicle. This includes walking, cycling, and using non-motorized carts. The benefits of non-motorized transport are numerous, including reduced air pollution, improved health and fitness, and reduced traffic congestion.

Brother Donat, Headteacher at Don Bosco Primary School-Kimihurura speaking to Children

During the workshop, the GGGI team explained the environmental impact of motorized transport and encouraged the students to consider using non-motorized transport whenever possible. They also provided tips on how to stay safe while cycling and walking on the road.

The workshop was well received by the students, who were eager to learn more about how they could make a difference in their community. By promoting non-motorized transport, the GGGI team hopes to encourage more people to adopt this mode of transportation and reduce the environmental impact of motorized vehicles.

The GGGI team looks forward to continuing to educate and promote non-motorized transport in Rwanda.

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