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Fr. Servilien received Anymore Onlus volunteers in Rwanda

On September 14, 2022, Fr. Servilien Ufitamahoro, the Director of the salesian Planning and Development Office received at his office in Kigali a team of young volunteers from Italy who are in Rwanda for the volunteering services as part of the good partnership between the Salesians of Don Bosco in AGL and Anymore Onlus organization to which these volunteers are attached.

Every year Anymore Onlus sent volunteers to Rwanda to serve in different capacities and this year 4 volunteers were added to existing ones and they will be supporting the PDO office while two others will be working as volunteers at Don Bosco Primary School in Kimihurura.

Anymore Onlus supports solidarity projects in Italy and around the world (Eritrea, Rwanda and Gambia). It also supports projects through international volunteering experiences and in awareness campaigns.

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