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EDUCATION: Muhazi TVET team Conduct a Study Trip at Dominic Mazzarrelo Muhato TSS



On Friday, December 1st, 2023, a study trip was organized by Don Bosco Muhazi staff and teachers to Don Bosco Muhato which is located at Northern Province, Rubavu district. It was through collaboration of ACTEC and Gender Matters for Green TVET projects that Muhazi members visited various trades to share knowledge as they have the same trades of culinary arts and tailoring.

The day was dedicated to involving the director of Don Bosco Muhazi TVET, economer, dean of discipline, dean of studies, project’s coordinators and teachers in the attachment and exchange for DB TVET trainers with model TVET centers in the region.

The team led by Muhato’s dean of studies first visited different classroom of tailoring trade, which has level three up to level five. Students warmly welcomed Muhazi team, and explained the process of making clothes. Students thanked the team and request to visit Muhazi TVET.

Theodore AHOBANTEGEYE, dean of studies at Muhazi TVET, thanked Muhato students, and told them that both schools are like twins as they share a lot of facts like names which are almost the same.

They share the facts that they are all around the lakes, they share the same trades and they share the same system of Salesians of Don Bosco. He added that through the visit they learned a lot of things which are not at Muhazi, like upgraded materials and their process of tailoring studies from level three to five.

Secondly, the team visited different classrooms, ICT room and culinary art trade.  Muhazi team confirmed that they are learning from Muhato TSS, especially the materials and the way the classrooms are arranged.

Lastly, the visit was conducted to the tailoring room, where formal students are making clothes to be sold out of the school. The idea was to create internal income and to fight against joblessness among graduated students.

Sister Leocadie NYANZIRA, director of Don Bosco Muhazi TVET said that at Muhazi TVET, the idea of internal income is still new at Muhazi TVET, and she is glad that they will learn from Muhato school which started longtime ago.


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Jean Claude Munyaneza

December 6, 2023

Abashyitsi nkaba ntawe utakwishimira kubahorana.kuko uretse kubahorana , niyo bishoboka twari kubagumana. Twarabishimiye cyane 🙏 twakwishimira kubabona bagaruka.kandi natwe tuzabasura.