Celebration of the Day of the African Child at DON BOSCO MUHAZI

On June 16, 2022, at the DON BOSCO MUHAZI Vocational and Technical School, the Day of the African Child was celebrated under the theme that focused on protecting the Child and building a better tomorrow.

It is a celebration preceded by a Mass offering by Father Raymond Bavumiragiye, Provincial Vicar and Director of DON BOSCO Muhazi.

Speaking to the young people of Don Bosco Muhazi  he returned to the behavior that should characterize the Child including being polite, avoiding bad habits, and learning well as they strive for a better future.

The Government of Rwanda’s Message on the Day of the African Child was also read out focusing on the responsibilities of the state and everyone in child protection, drug prevention and avoiding unplanned pregnancies among the youth.

The event was marked by Student Dance, Poetry and Sketches which focused on preventing bad habits and preventing unplanned pregnancies among young people.

After the celebration, young people were served with a meal, a soda and chocolates for little children who were present.

It is a celebration marked by joy. Father Raymond thanked the DON BOSCO MUHAZI youth caregivers, explaining that the fact that they come from poor families and are able to study well is due to the strength of the benefactors and prayers


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