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Youth to benefit from the new Guitars donated to DON BOSCO IFAK-Kimihurura Community

Salesians of Don Bosco in the Africa of Great Lakes Province (AGL) are very grateful to the benefactor who has donated 11 guitars to the Don Bosco IFAK community via Missioni Don Bosco-Turin.

The 11 guitars have reached the IFAK community and preparation is going on to start teaching the young people how to play the music despite the large number of the youth who are interested in the music.

According to Brother Hubert Twagirayezu, sdb, “This project came from the wishes of the youth.”

He said “They saw some of us playing guitar and they also wanted to learn how to play guitar. It was not possible because we had a large number of young people here in Kimihurura.”

“You would look and find that there were no guitars to teach them, either in the school or in the Oratory. So, we realized that the capacity we had compared to the demands of the youth was impossible without enough guitars.” He added

Fortunately, Brother Hubert adds, “we met with the representatives of Procure of Turin (Missioni Don Bosco), with the great help of Marcella Mantovani, who helped us find donors who could provide us with these guitars.”

“These guitars we hope will help children achieve their music dreams.”

“We are very grateful to this donor who helped us. We praise God for helping him to achieve such a level of ability. Not everyone can donate these guitars, in fact we are very grateful to this donor and the young people are happy with this great achievement.” Brother Hubert said.

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