Youth Formation at Don Bosco-IFAK Kimihurura: Empowering about 200 Young Animators from Archdiocese of Kigali and Salesian Centers

By Emmanuel Twizeyimana

From August 7th to 9th,2023, a youth formation took place at the Don Bosco-IFAK Kimihurura, with the participation of approximately200 young animators from the Archdiocese of Kigali and various Salesian Centers.

The formation was organized to offer essential knowledge to youth animators who will be leading patronage initiatives in the parishes and Salesian centres.

The training sessions focused on chanting and animation, the profile of an animator, theories and techniques of games, notions and techniques of first aid, and the importance of catechesis during patronage.

AKIMANA Sylvia, one of the participants in this training, says that she has learned many different things from this training, including self-care and caring for others.

She said, “They explained to us that an animator gives life, so don’t give what you don’t have. We must have a life characterized by decency, happiness, self-respect and respect for others so that we can help others.”

According to Father Uwizeyimana Jean Claude, who is coordinating this training, he states that the goal they had when organizing this training was to teach the youth how to assist children during the patronage and to educate other animators who were unable to attend the training.

He further explained that this instills confidence in them that once they return to their place of origin, they will have the ability to educate others and apply the knowledge they have acquired.

Father Uwizeyimana explained that “Patronage is the best way to raise and socialize children. We, Salesians, are renowned for our dedication to children’s education. In patronage, children have the opportunity to enjoy themselves while also engaging in activities such as playing small games or singing big songs. This allows parents to see that their children are not simply having fun, but also learning something valuable.”

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Alphoncious Hamweete sdb

August 8, 2023

I appreciate . Wish the material used was shared