PDO self-evaluation Meeting, key for the Teamwork and Productive Team

KIGALI-RWANDA: From the 11th to the 12th of November 2022, the PDO/AGL staff held a retreat at DON BOSCO MUHAZI Recreational Centre with the aim of exchanging ideas on their daily work, improving their performance and interaction and being together as people who work in the same institution.

During this retreat, PDO staff visited various activities being carried out at DON BOSCO Muhazi, including construction activities sponsored by ACTEC, environmental protection activities including Tree planting and vegetable farming.

Speaking to the staff, Father UFITAMAHORO Servilien, the Director of Planning and Development Office/Provincial Economer encourage all staff to get to know more about the Salesian Congregation and its functions as this will facilitate them in their daily work.

He said: “The Salesian Congregation is a very organization that operates Worldwide and has a strong presence that has its own traditions and specific terms that it uses. You have to know all of that. You have to know all the communities that are located in the Africa of Great Lakes Province (AGL-Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi), their names and the sectors they intervene in”.

Father Ufitamahoro thanked the employees, how they work together and how they cooperate in their work regardless of working in different departments.

Mr. Dusabimana Felicien, the Interim Coordinator of PDO commended the PDO director and his fellow workers for the way they work together.

He said that “there are times when the work is too much and things that need to be done urgently. It is very inspiring to see how everyone contributes so that things go on track”. He appreciated how understanding and approachable the management is.

During the Retreat sideline event, the PDO employees wish the Director a happy birthday by presenting him a gift as a sign of the good relationship among PDO employees and the Management.

On the last Day of the two day retreat that fell on Saturday, Father Celestin Ngoboka, the AGL Provincial superior, thanked all the team members for the way they work, cooperate for the sake of the advancement of the provincial planned programs.

He said “PDO is like the heart of the province. When it malfunctions, the whole province is affected, that’s why you should know that a province is doing well when it has a good PDO”.

He went on to tell them that they are young and capable and he sees that they are in a good mood and that they have a close management that gives them time to discuss the best course of their work.

Father Ngoboka also said that working together and being together, taking time to share, examining together what’s going on and what’s not going well is a very good gesture because it increases team spirit.

He requested that at least such discussions should be regular.

The retreat ended with an Eucharist Mass led by Father Provincial Pierre Celestin Ngoboka where he called PDO Staff to pray without tiring, adding that prayer increases the faith of believers and makes them remain in faith.

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