Muhazi: Construction of the ACTEC funded Educational Building on the right Rhythm

The construction works of the one storey building at Don Bosco Muhazi Technical and Vocational Education Training School are going well which gives hope that in four months the building will be completed, according to the on site engineer.

The building is part of the five year ACTEC project that aims to build the capacity of the Don Bosco Muhazi Technical and Vocational Education Training School.

The building will host the classroom section, ICT Room, offices and practice area.

To find out the construction progress, we visited the site which is located in Gikomero sector in Gasabo District in the rural part of Kigali City.

Workers at the site testified to us that such an activity is important both for the education of young people and for providing jobs.

Most of the inhabitants in this area  are of low income so that such jobs help them get out of poverty and provide for their families.

According to the Site Engineer, this is an opportunity for the residents of this area to get employment opportunities where about 20 people were already employed in the preliminary works as the number of workers is set to increase from the current size to 50 workers in this month.

He added that the provision of jobs will include students studying in Masonry Trade at this school in order to train them in the construction profession.

This will also add the number of women in order to strengthen gender equality in the construction works.

The one-storey building is a results of the good partnership between the Salesians of Don Bosco in the Africa of Great Lakes Province and ACTEC,-Association for Cultural, Technical and Educational Cooperation which is a Belgian NGO created in 1982 to strengthen the role and autonomy of marginalized people by training them in a profession.

The five-year project includes construction of new classrooms and renovation of the existing classrooms, capacity building for trainers, Promotion of ICT, promotion of environmental and cultural Club, introduction of new modules to be launched at the center, state-of-the-art training equipment, student development and literacy, among other aspects that will be touched during the project implementation.

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