Father Uwizeyimana Jean Claude, sdb, Led His First Mass in His Native Parish

On July 15,2023, a historic event took place in Kiboga, Mugina Parish in Kamonyi District, Part of the Southern Province of Rwanda.

Father Uwizeyimana Jean Claude, recently ordained to the priesthood as a salesian priest, celebrated his first mass in his birth Parish in Kiboga Sub-parish.

On this day, Father Jean Claude administered the sacrament of Baptism to children whose parents were filled with great joy. They were delighted to have a priest from their local community baptizing their children during his first mass.

 The joyous occasion was attended by a large gathering of Christians, priests, parents, family, friends, and relatives as well as local government officials

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as Father Jean Claude prepared to lead the colorful first mass.

People from all walks of life came together to witness this significant moment in the young priest’s life.

As the mass began, Father Jean Claude’s voice resonated delivering his first powerful sermons and prayers.

After the mass, a beautiful ceremony followed, highlighting the importance of Father Jean Claude’s journey and the impact he had already made on the community.

The ceremony featured speeches, and heartfelt expressions of gratitude from those who had been touched by his kindness and devotion including his senior priests and parents.

Father Jean Claude’s first mass in his native Parish was not only a celebration of his ordination but also a testament to the power of faith and the love of the community.

It served as a reminder that no matter where we come from, our roots and the support of our loved ones are essential in shaping our path and aiding our spiritual growth.

Father Jean Claude’s presence in his birth Parish was a symbol of continuity, a reminder that the torch of faith would continue to burn brightly in Mugina Parish for generations to come.

In this event, Father Raymond Bavumiragiye, the Provincial Vicar of the Salesians of Don Bosco, expressed gratitude to Father Jean Claude’s parents.

He promised that the Salesians will continue to support him in his mission of devotion to God and informed them that he will now pursue further studies in Church’s Laws. Father Bavumiragiye also encouraged the youth to love God and pray, emphasizing that the success of this parish could lead to the birth of many more priests.

In his message, the mayor of Kamonyi district, who represented the Government, thanked the Salesian Community for their efforts in educating the youth.

He also assured that the district will continue to cooperate with the Catholic Church for the same goal of supporting the education and development of the community.

 The mayor took the opportunity to urge the people to work diligently and strive towards affording their children’s education, enabling them to become responsible citizens and contribute to the country’s development.

As the congregation dispersed, it was evident that Father Jean Claude’s first mass had left a lasting impact on everyone present. The unity, love, and spiritual connection experienced that day would forever be cherished in the hearts of those who attended.

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July 20, 2023

Nyagasani Yezu nasingizwe


Habimana valens

July 20, 2023

Muvandimwe ubutumwa bwiza.
Nyagasani wagutoye mubandi naguhe umugisha.