EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Schneider Electric Foundation Visits Electricity Trade at Don Bosco Gatenga TSS, impressed by the Lab Presentation

We had the opportunity to sit down with Ms. Janet Langa, Access to Energy Specialist at Schneider Electric, who also serves as the foundation delegate for East Africa. During our conversation, Ms. Langa shared her insights on the importance of access to education and sustainability in business. The interview took place following a visit by the Schneider Electric Foundation to the Electricity Trade program at Don Bosco Gatenga TSS, where they were impressed by the lab presentation. Join us as we delve into Ms. Langa’s experiences and perspectives on these crucial topics.

Tell us about Schneider?

So Schneider is an electrical company. It is originally from France. We are in over 60 countries within the world. Our main core business is in the digital space. And we also specialize in manufacturing of low and medium voltage equipment. So due to this we have a wide coverage within the world. In east and west of the whole of the world. And we have a very wide understanding of what the industry needs. We also have a good understanding when it comes to sustainability. Having been ranked as one of the most sustainable companies in the world, we are trying to push this through the communities that we work with on a local level. So yes, we are a good partner when it comes to the energy and the energy products.

What was your first impression at your arrival at this school?

So my first impression when I came to Don Bosco Gatenga TSS is that the school of course is well kept. And coming into the electrical lab specifically in electricity, I was very impressed based on how the lab is presented.

The passion of the lecturers because they were really excited to show us what they are doing with the schools and the students and they showed us that they are using what was given to them and they are even going the extra mile by empowering the students and exposing them to competitions whereby they can get to win.

You’ve talked to the school teachers, they raised some questions or concerns. What do you have to say about the concerns that they have raised?

So yes, I’ve got the chance to talk to the teachers. They have raised really good concerns. Because we noticed that the concerns they raised are based on what they were given. In that they have shown us that they are using the equipment that was donated to them to the requirement that is expected. And the concerns are that the number of students is increasing, which is a very good concern. Because with more numbers it means they will require more equipment. And of course they have also mentioned that they would require more support from the Schneider Electric Foundation. I think that these are good concerns for us. And these are something that we definitely table to the foundation for consideration.

What are the future plans for this school?

The future plan is for us to of course continue with the collaboration. To try and make sure that more people are joining Don Bosco. Because that is the aim for this. The aim is to have more students coming to the school. The other aim is to ensure that the students are industry ready. Because the equipment that was donated by the Schneider Electric Foundation is the same equipment that is sold to industries.

So the other vision that we have is that Don Bosco will be able to leverage the Schneider Electric name. And by the time they are sending the students into the industries, the students are able to use the Schneider Electric name and the skills they have obtained from Don Bosco to be pioneers in the industries.

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