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Don Bosco Muhazi TVET School’s Multipurpose Courtyard Is Under Construction!

With funding from Missioni don Bosco Turin, Don Bosco Muhazi TVET School is undergoing a remarkable transformation with the reconstruction of school multipurpose courtyard!

This covered court will serve as a versatile space, perfect for hosting a wide range of events, including games, ceremonies, and other gatherings.

Students will have the opportunity to engage in various sporting activities, fostering physical fitness and teamwork. Moreover, the courtyard will provide a platform to celebrate achievements, organize cultural festivities, and promote a vibrant community spirit within the school.

The reconstruction and modernization of this courtyard is a testament to the school’s dedication to providing a holistic education that goes beyond the traditional classroom setting.

It will offer students a space where they can not only excel academically but also develop their interpersonal skills, leadership qualities, and a sense of belonging.

Students extend their heartfelt gratitude to Father Provincial Pierre Celestin Ngoboka and the partners for their tireless efforts in making this project a reality.

Their commitment to the school’s growth and progress is truly commendable, and are confident that the new courtyard will become a focal point of pride for the entire Don Bosco Muhazi TVET School community.

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Jean Claude NDAHAYO

August 26, 2023

Merci Ange, c’est une opportunité pour nos élèves et les jeunes autour de l’école de récolter cela en développant leurs talents à travers le basket-ball, le volley-ball, la danse traditionnelle, etc.