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Don Bosco IFAK-Kimihurura Empowered 200+ Young Animators

Over 200 young Patronage Animators have successfully completed the training that was held at IFAK-Kimihurura. The purpose of this training was to enhance their knowledge and skills that will be utilized in the Patronage activities for children and youth across various parishes within the Archdiocese of Kigali.

The training was organized by the Salesians of Don Bosco.

After completing this training, these young animators affirm that they will share the knowledge they have acquired with their colleagues at the centers, aiming to further fortify the values of both the Church and the country, as they all provide mutual support to one another.

Patronage activities in the Church are important activities because they help young people socialize, have fun, continue to live decently, have a purpose and strengthen prayer activities as a way to enable them to live well without being afraid of current problems but striving to find solutions.

During the interview with the trainees, they confirmed the significance of Patronage activities and emphasized their importance in providing ongoing care for the youth.

Parents are encouraged to send their children to Patronage activities in order to prevent them from missing out on activities during the Holidays.

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