Complying with the New Time Table at Don Bosco School in Rwanda


Kigali: On November 11, last year,  the Office of the Prime Minister issued a communiqué of cabinet resolutions which, among other things, stated that the official working hours will be eight, starting from 9:00a.m to 5:00p.m, excluding a one-hour lunch break.

The changes that took effect on January 4 are designed to promote quality education as well as improve both workplace productivity and family wellbeing.

We are at Don Bosco Primary School in Kimihurura. It is about 8:30 minutes in the morning. Children have arrived at school waiting for the morning brief to start class at 9:00 O’clock.

As they wait, the music is on. Some are playing behind the scenes, others are listening and repeating the melody.

Now, the Director of the school arrives. He starts to call the students to be ready for the morning talk. It starts with a prayer followed by a short warming up before he addresses the students.

After all matters are addressed and communiques are made it is now time to enter the class.

Now, how are reactions since the new time table?. Do you think there are some challenges? Let us meet the students and the school administration for comment.

Keza, a P6 student: We get time to talk with our parents, we get time to rest, we get time to revise our lessons as well as to relax and interact with family members.

More details watch the video here


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