AGL’s Sponsorship Empowers Children’s Education: Hear from Grateful Parents!

Family poverty is one of the barriers to children’s education in Rwanda, millions of children in Africa are unable to attend class due to family Poverty and Children drop out of school due to hunger and lack of school supplies.

From April 11, 2023, with the support of Salesian charities supporting the education of children in Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda, the first 13 children from poor families received school fees. Children who received school fees are children from 6 to 10 years old from different communities namely Gulu, Kamuli, Kimihurura Parish, and Rango Parish.

The beneficiaries we visited live a life that makes it difficult for them to eat, sleep, and receive medical treatment, which is problematic for them. Despite the challenges they face, they are grateful for the support they have received and are determined to do everything possible to ensure their children study well and succeed in school.

The message they received included using the support they received wisely and monitoring their children’s progress at school so that those who provided the support would be pleased with their children’s results, which would encourage them to continue helping their children Education.

The children who received this scholarship are determined to do everything they can so that they will have good grades in the last semester of the year, since the last two semesters they did not pass due to various obstacles.

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