Salesians of Don Bosco Begin Team Visit with Visit to Kibeho Holy Land


Father OWOUDOU Alphonse, the General Councilor for the Africa-Madagascar Region, expressed the significance of starting the important meeting in Rwanda at the Kibeho Holy Land.

 He stated, ‘We are here at Kibeho because we are about to start this important meeting. The Provincial of the Africa of the Great Lakes Province Father Pierre Celestin Ngoboka suggested to the superiors of Africa who are here if it wouldn’t be a good idea to come and begin this meeting here to entrust our work, our mission to Mother Mary and this is the only place in Africa where you can truly do it knowing that the Church has approved what she came to do, what she came to say here so we came here to begin with Mary so that everything we are going to do in these next days may be blessed by her and by her son.’

The Team Visit, known as ‘Visite d’Ensemble,’ is a strategy used by the Salesians of Don Bosco where the Rector Major visits a region or continent to meet with superiors and council members for reflection on mission, witness, collaboration with the local church, and planning for the future.

Father OWOUDOU explained, ‘The message we got here in Kibeho… made me speak very shortly because what Father Francois (The Director of the Shrine of Kibeho) told us is that our mother Mary was here, she came to deliver a message, some people took her seriously and some people didn’t listen. And when you don’t listen to your mother, you may pay for it.’

The meeting in Rwanda brought together 124 Salesians from 41 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Father OWOUDOU highlighted the global presence of the Salesians, stating, ‘In Africa, the Salesians are 2,100 working in the 41 countries and in the world many people are saying that we are one of the biggest congregation because only us priests and brothers we are 14,000 and our Salesian sisters are almost the same and we also have cooperators, volunteers, so we are quite a big family.’

The Salesians of Don Bosco are dedicated to young people and passionate about spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

 The Team Visit in Rwanda marks a significant moment for the congregation as they gather to reflect, plan, and entrust their mission to Mother Mary at the Kibeho Holy Land.

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