Father Alphonse OWOUDOU Reflects on the Success of the Salesian Family Meeting in Kigali

Father Alphonse OWOUDOU, the Regional Councillor for the Africa-Madagascar Region, recently shared his insights on the successful conclusion of the Meeting of the Salesian Family in Kigali. The event brought together Provincial Delegates for the Salesian Family, SDB and FMA with representatives from other groups.

During the week-long gathering, Father OWOUDOU highlighted two significant events that took place. The first event saw the Rector-Major and council members meeting with provincials and their councils to discuss the charism in Africa, address issues related to vocations, and strategize on how to continue educating and evangelizing young people in the region.

The second event brought together Salesian family delegates from various branches to explore the spirit of family within the Salesian community.

Father OWOUDOU emphasized the importance of collaboration among different branches of the Salesian family, including Sisters, cooperators, ADMAs, and others, in supporting Salesians in their mission.

Father OWOUDOU also praised the contribution of the Salesian family in Africa, noting that their presence plays a crucial role in embodying the diverse facets of the Salesian charism.

He emphasized that the inclusive approach of the Salesian family highlights the belief that there is a place for everyone within the community, whether they are Salesians, consecrated members, laypersons, past pupils, or benefactors.

Father OWOUDOU expressed his gratitude for the unity and collaboration demonstrated at the Meeting of the Salesian Family in Kigali.

He noted that by working together in their respective vocations, the Salesian family is able to provide young people with opportunities for growth and development within a supportive community.


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