The St. Joseph Vocational Training centre is located in Uganda, specifically in the northern division, in Kamuli District. It came into being in 1989 as a second Salesian community in Uganda, when the first group of the Salesians responded to the request of the bishop of Jinja of that time.

Many activities are being done, although there is a way to go, since the needs of young people are varied and many. 

Our students develop a love of learning, both individually and with others, and acquire a wide range of learning skills. We create an environment in which students are confident in their ability and increasingly ready to take responsibility for their own learning.


Kamuli Vocational Training Centre

Kamuli Youth Centre

The VTC started slowly and kept growing. Nowadays it has 13 sections and students can choose the one they want. Those are: Agriculture, Bricklaying and Concrete Practice, Business Studies, Carpentry and Joinery, Catering and Food Production, Electrical Installation, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Plumbing, Tailoring and Garment Making, Welding and Metal Fabrication, Driving Training and Solar Energy Installation.  

The training program is divided into 3 groups: formal training, non-formal training and short courses program. The formal program is for those who joined senior 4 or senior 6 and it takes 2 years. 

At the end of it, candidates sit for a national examination (UBTEB-Craft I and Craft II). They get a certificate with which they can go for a technical education at a higher level. The non-formal program is for the students who have only finished primary education (P7) or secondary education.

 It is for one year or two years and go for DIT exam (Directorate on Industrial Training). It allows them to get a certificate from the Uganda National Examination Board. The short courses program is for one to twelve months. 

The youth Centre welcomes young people for sports and cultural activities and different groups exist: Basketball, Volleyball, Netball, Brass Band, Jazz Band, Acrobatic and Dance. These groups do meet every afternoon; some they enjoy games while others enjoy playing instruments in the bands (Brass and Jazz).